1 Click DVD Copy Review

1Click DVD Movie

1Click DVD MovieNothing beats sitting on a comfortable chair, popcorn in one hand, a cold soda in another and watching your favorite movies in front of a big screen TV. With all the latest innovations the television has been given, you are now able to watch in high density the movies you want, but what if you downloaded your movies from a website? What if they are not in a DVD format?

Watching your movies in your computer is not quite same; in fact it's very far from the real thing. So what you need is have the 1Click DVD Movie software program. With it, you will be able to convert your movies to DVD format, whatever file format it is in, well, not all but the most popular formats used today, and be able to burn it to a DVD and be able to watch it in your home theater system.

With the 1Click DVD Movie, you will be able to have professional output all the time even if you don’t have previous experience in converting video files. Its easy and simple interface allows anyone to convert video file formats to DVD, SVCD, or VCD formats in just a few clicks.

You can convert:

  • AVI to DVD
  • DivX to DVD
  • XviD to DVD
  • MPEG1 to DVD
  • MPEG2 to DVD
  • QuickTime to DVD
  • MOV to DVD
  • ASF to DVD
  • WMV to DVD
  • XP Media Center files to DVD
  • Plus Much More!

All you need to know is to know where the source file is and just click the start button. It's that easy. Then, all you have to do next is to burn it to a DVD. So pop your popcorn and your movie will be ready right after the last kernel pops.

1Click DVD Movie